Where does the name “Soza Wellness” come from?

We are so glad you asked. For all of our etymologists out there, “soza” is a Greek word that means “whole.” Even though the word “wellness” is not found in the Bible, God has a great deal to say about “wellness.” God’s desire for us is to experience optimal wellness in the form of perfect health and well-being. He wants us to be fulfilled and live the abundant life (John 10:10). God’s wants to make us whole (Mark 10:52).

The word “whole’ is the closest word found in the Word of God relating to wellness. The Greek translation of “whole” (Soza) means complete, healed, prosperous and redeemed. “Whole” also means experiencing all the positive emotions such as love, peace and joy, and being in a constant state of thankfulness. Wholeness is freedom from worry and stress even in the midst of trials and tribulations.


The purpose and mission of Soza Wellness, LLC is to educate, train, encourage and inspire clients to reach their fitness and nutritional goals. To support clients’ goals towards total wellness is the main thrust of the company’s offerings and the reason for its existence. Thus, catering to the individualized needs of each client will be essential. Clients will greatly benefit from the personnel of Soza Wellness, which will collaborate with each individual to achieve their personal goals of feeling and looking better. Essentially, it is the goal of the company to promote a long and healthy life for its clients by teaching them how to live healthier lifestyles. Because fitness and nutrition are of most importance to minimizing the need for extensive healthcare needs, it is vital that clients gain knowledge, confidence and motivation to make lifestyle changes to improve their lives and increase their longevity.

As promoting health is the ultimate mission for Soza Wellness, the company also intends to create jobs for the local community in efforts of recovering from the recession during the last several years.